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PostPosted: 16:05:2005 11:18:57
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Скачал сегодня их альбомчик "I Name You Destroyer". Приятная такая музыка, смесь нойзрока, лиричного инди и чего-то экстремального:).
Вот что пишут про них на Эпитонике:
Athens Georgia has spawned the intriguing nuevo-metal group Jucifer. One of the most eclectic rock combos to emerge recently, their dirge-metal backbone hearkens to the heyday of Sub Pop and Amphetamine Reptile. Upon this backbone the group builds an extreme range of sounds, going from lush spatial harmonies to turntables scratching to pianos delivering delicate ballad-type croons to hip hop beats to brutal hardcore and noise.
G. Amber Valentine plays her guitar through numerous amplifiers, her delicately lush voice layering with it to create a wall of sound. Valentine's roommate and boyfriend Ed Livengood plays a huge drum kit that sounds like it's set up in a gymnasium. He adds a blistering backbeat to a wash where beauty balances evil. These two are reminiscent of a more socially adjusted Royal Trux. Nirvana's Bleach meets My Bloody Valentine's Loveless with recordings of chainsaws laid over the top of Buzz Osborne's guitar -- and that's one song. Always full of surprises but never straying from a full-on sonic assault rooted deep in rawking stoner doom metal, Jucifer is a really exciting band that has twisted familiar sounds into a newly sculpted one.
Характерную для них песенку можно скачать тут - ... lifier.mp3

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PostPosted: 29:07:2009 13:19:30
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Тоже наткнулся на этот виа. Очень круто играют.

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